Swami Chaudhari

Good teaching skill. The way of teaching is very simple. The language was easy to understand. Very good for beginners with affordable fees. I strongly recommend everyone to join Share Market Classe in sri vallabh investment.

Pratik khalde

I’m very glad to say that it was great experience to learn market with rahul jain sir. Now i can find trades with proper entry targets and stop loss. Thank you sir for share your knowledge and experience to us. Thank you so much.


Rahul Sir's comprehensive insights and 7stars strategies were invaluable. I applied them immediately, hitting my targets and gaining confidence in trading. I highly recommend his swing trading program for anyone starting their trading journey.

Pranit Mandlit

I have learned to use stock market charts. They're helpful for analyzing stock performance and making informed investment decisions. I have learned profitable strategies in the stock market. Thank you Rahull Jain Sir for sharing your knowledge.

Shanu Gupta

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible course taught by Rahul Jain sir. Your expertise and dedication have truly empowered me to make independent decisions, especially through the invaluable insights of the 7star strategy. Thanks to your guidance,

Megha Rajguru

The teaching method is very good and very easy , before joining I had 0 knowledge about stocks but after joining and that too just in basic course I can say that I have alot of knowledge about stocks now. Thank you sir

Music beast

Sir explains very welll it is one of the most affordable courses where we can learn various chart patterns trends etc and also he gives personal attention to each student very helpful

Ritika Agrawal

First of all the class was a great experience and got to know more about market. Special thanks to Rahul sir for guiding us . Learned about candles and charts. Would recommend this course definitely. Thankyou!

Amol Sathe

7star Strategies Cleared Properly, Learning Experience Very Nice , Future Trades Strategy profitable, Program Worth The Time And Money Spent Yes Good EXPERIENCE.

Rohan kale

I have learned how to use charts. Learned profitable trading strategy for Swing trading. Rahul sir guided properly , he is so calm and solved all the doubts whenever I asked him. Previously I was not aware of stock market and how to trade but now I am able to trade with proper Risk management , Technical analysis and Price actions.

Khushi shah

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the fantastic course Rahul sir taught. It truly added immense value to my knowledge, particularly in choosing the right stocks using the strategies . Your insights will undoubtedly empower me to make more informed decisions when choosing stocks independently. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

Keshav Gaikwad

The class is very fantastic and worth to learn here as they are giving a fabulous service and also providing the best strategies to work over all the conditions of market in every situation although they are very cooperative in every doubt and the fees are very convenient according to the class as they are providing the facilities and knowledge to us

Snehal Chodankar

I recently took Swing trading program from here and it was really good, full of knowledge. Rahul Jain Sir did a wonderful task of teaching right from the basics and very well taught the concepts of stock market. Strategies learnt under this course is really helpful in making profitable trades. Course is well designed for beginners and also for experienced traders as well as it covers basic charting knowledge, risk management, swing Strategies, etc.

Sayali shiras

It was an amazing experience to learn about stock market from SriVallabh Investment. I learned about different profilable strategies and I am able to independently trade the shares. I achieved good profits as well. My all doubts were cleared properly. Rahul Jain Sir is a fantastic teacher. I got a very good support from their team as well. I would highly recommend SriVallabh Investment to learn about stock market.

Sanjiv Shiras

The experience to learn about stock market from SriVallabh Investment was a very useful experience. It helped me assist to take decision to purchase and sell stocks. I have learned profitable strategies and I have purchased 5 stocks. My all treads got profit. My experience was so good. Our sir Mr. Rahul Jain is one of the great personality who gave us all knowledge regarding stocks. Now I think I can work independently in stock market. Thanks to Rahul sir and staff at Srivallabh academy.

Sarika Temkar

Sir Rahul Jain taught us many profitable strategies through swing treading. I have taken 18 shares within 10 days . Now I have enough confidence to trade independently. This program 100% worth the time and money.

Shubham singh mehta

This course has helped me a lot. Rahull sir has gave me the knowledge of how to study the charts and how to gain money using 7 star strategy. I will pursue the different courses and gain more knowledge through Sri vallabh investment.

Anwar Banedar

.7 star strategic we learned so far, it's very easy way to find out perfect share. On that we purchased 12 trades which 8 trades in profit. Before joining class our knowledge was zero but after completion of class we earned our knowledge and know better way of trading. Thank u Rahul Jain Sir who learned lots of things from u. Thank u.

Rishabh Malara

I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible course taught by Rahul Jain sir. Your expertise and dedication have truly empowered me to make independent decisions, especially through the invaluable insights of the 7star strategy. Thanks to your guidance, I've already begun making profitable trades. Despite being an online class, the experience was immensely valuable and worthwhile. Thank you once again for sharing your knowledge and helping me grow.

Balasaheb Balsane

Hello I am Aditya Balsane, Mr. Vallabh is a student of investment. I learned a lot by coming to this class. I learned to use charts and have been consistently making regular profits by taking shares myself. Sir teaches very well. All in a disciplined atmosphere and a bit of fun too. Solves all doubts. Now I buy shares myself. Very beautiful klas ahe. I will definitely suggest. Thank you ❤️

Sachin Avhad

Rahul Sirani khup changlya paddhatine shikaval aahe. Mala stock market cha 0 experience aahe pan me aata Confidently trade karu shakto.

Gaurav Shah

This is very full for all the new students. I learned from past 15 days. Now I work independently in share market. Also very good 7 stars strategy. What we given the fees it is nothing. No one business is like Share market. Raju jain sir is giving too much knowledge and it's very useful in day today life. Once again thanks for sri vallabh investment to giving this detail knowledge.

Sarthak Deshmukh

They teach a important of chart in share market and also they teach a support or resistance how it work. Staff cordinate is very sweet Also Rahul jain sir teach a very smooth and they mention a small to small market things. I recommend to join a Sri Vallabh Investment. Thank you Rahul Jain sir

Anwar Banedar

7 star strategic we learned so far, it's very easy way to find out perfect share. On that we purchased 12 trades which 8 trades in profit. Before joining class our knowledge was zero but after completion of class we earned our knowledge and know better way of trading. Thank u Rahul Jain Sir who learned lots of things from u. Thank u.

Veenita Khater

Yes I clearly learn all strategies,learn chart very well, I get my profit using all chart strategies...

Aparna Naik

I don’t know anything about stock market but after attending this class I got a lot of knowledge about stock market. It is vary easy to understand and helpful for my future trades. Regards and Thank You Rahul sir…

Sujal Jain

Before joining the class I didn't have knowledge of share market, but after joining the class I have complete knowledge of share market. The teaching was excellent and all my doubts were cleared .

Sheetal Shrotri

I learned trading very well by using charts and profitable strategies. Now I can trade shares independently. The learning experience was excellent and all doubts cleared properly.

Hitesh Wadhwani

So i was a fresher and wanted to learn about share market and equity trading. So i Came across sri vallabh investment which is situated in bibwewadi area. Joined the class and we started learning under Rahul Jain sir. He explained us the whole concept of trading to us in very simple language which was really helpful for us to understand and it changed our concept also about share market and trading. Now we can trade with confidence and still if we have any doubts hes available through WhatsApp or a call. Highly recommended 👍

Shyam Agnani

Got to know about Shri vallabh investment through google search, got in touch with their team and enrolled for complete stock market course. Stock market was always a scary place to me until i met rahul jain sir and rajesh oswal sir. They showed us how simple and easy it is to earn profits out of stock market with limited risks. Great amout of focus is give to technical and fundamental analysis. To sumup my review id say its simplified learn with good returns and minimized risk.

Prasad Ketkar

The faculty has in depth knowledge of the subject, the teaching and presentation of the subject was easy to understand.

Niranjan Vilasagar

Very good knowledge, excellent teaching, very easy to understand, flexibility in timings, very cooperative.


People who want to learn about share market please come n join it's worthy.

Sagar Tate


Rajendra Bhurewar

Excellent faculty online training,easy simple way to learn basic intra day trading.

Rajendra Kumar

Awesome institute

O. J. Gangadhar

The pure friendly faculty system , understandable! from basic to advanced learning, clearly focused and fruitful knowledge is provided.... I personally felt the value for money.....The flow of class was as as such that when the the days of sessions completed I didn`t came to know, I was feeling that it would have continued for long time... Institute is offering the after program help to the participants. Thanks and wish we all luck.


I came to this institute to learn how to trade in stock market. By the time classes were over, I was taught many things from basics of investing to intraday, positional to swing, taking risks to managing risks, charts and patterns and most important psychological mindset required to be a day trader and investor. They teach you with live examples and never moves ahead until you have grasped the previous lessons and revised them. The things are taught in a very simple way with day today examples. If you want to learn basic or advanced... i would recommend this institute.


Best class to learn basic to advance of stock market.. even a very beginner who don`t have any knowledge about stock market can start trading after the class... best thing is the life time support they provide and the money making STRATEGIES for intraday, positional and swing. Also the flexible class timings helps a lot... Thank you very much.

Prem Kshirsagar

Great institute and a nice place to learn basic to advanced stock market course. Teaching way is so nice, and and supporting teachers make easy to understand with a practical training. Especially Rahul sir he is good teacher.

Anjani Shah

Best class for share market.And teaching is very good.Easy way to teaching.Rahul Sir is very good and supportive.Confidance built up class.

Kunal Jain

Amazing institute and a wonderful place to learn basic to advanced stock market course. Totally loved the teaching experience. All thanks to Rahul sir for helping me throughout this journey !! You guys wonтАЩt regret after joining believe me !!!!.

Akshay Katariya

Best class for trading lessons...best faculty to teach in depth about equity ,options,futures. Rahul Jain sir is a gem in teaching the best strategies for excellent returns.I have been immensely benefitted .Thank u so much Sri Vallabh Investments.

Soham Kature

One of the best Stock Market class for learning and understanding Stock market. I have learned to use the charts and all other profit strategies for trading in market. Up till now I have traded 20 stocks, which gave me a good understanding of the market.

Parvez Khan

Sri Vallabh investment is great experience,it is best traning class, yes learn how to read chart, we learn how to traders, we can trade shares independently thanks very much

Aman Thapar

Nice class to learn about Stock Market. Rahul sir teaches very well. They solve all the difficulties of their students regarding investments and they also teach how to use trading app.

Jay Katariya

Best stock market class in pune. Very good classes for learning technical and fundamental analysis from basic. And rahul sir is also knowledgeable and friendly to there students.

Atharva Korwan

Excellent Coaching experience....Every topic is explained in detailed manner by Rahul Jain Sir...One of the best class for learning stock market from basic to advance.

Ashish Mantri

Great Services and Good Knowledge based Learning and Teaching about Stock Market. Best Stock Market Training in Pune. Thanks team.

Nishit Khatri

Perfect class for those looking to enhance their knowledge in stock Market. Everything is learned through practical knowledge and practice.

Jaipal Gaikwad

Great experience. Got a Deep knowledge of share market. Best class ever. Experienced teacher with personl attantion. Great

Aarti Nerlekar

This program is very well structured with the focus being on risk management to make money and not going overboard with greed of making money... Thank you Rahul Sir for helping me to understand the basics of trading.

Megha Rajguru

The teaching method is very good and very easy , i really get to alot about trading in basic only.and the environment is pretty cool.

Suchitra Kshirsagar

Best class for share market.And teaching is excellent .Rahul Sir is very good and supportive teacher i have ever meet.

Mahendra Dawkhar

शेअर मार्केट ची माहिती खूप छान सांगतात त्यामधून खूप माहिती मिळाली

Mohsin Attar

Nice shares market classes.. good coching and helpfull techars.. perfect for learning share Market..

Mohammed Taher

Yes i learned how to use the charts in very easily.and learned profitable strategies.

Prasenjeet Basinawar

I have learned how to use the chats and, i have also learned profitable strategy . Now I can trade independently ...

Pranali Pingle

Best institute for stock market course. They provide live trading skills development. Teach from basic to advance training under one roof.

Amrin Attar

Good place..... very comfortable with teacher ..nd very easy language for a teaching

Shreyas Utpat

One of the best offline learning classes for beginners. Basics knowlegde and easy learning tools help to develop skillsets thoroughly.

Hastimal Mehta

Share market knowledge very good idea valuable lnvesment class


Technical in fundamental is very nice 👍👍👍 thank you sir 😇😇

Piyush Kankariya

Best place to clear the concept of share market Each and every detail is covered Rahul sir is best I definitely recommend

Archana Bhandari

Very good experience it was .....most of the things related to stock market get clear and you get confidence to trade into stock market.Teaching is in very simple and easily understandable.

Kunal Khetre

Experience is very good in sri vallabh investment and rahul sir he explained very well and proper, coz of that I have really improve in my stock market trading

Suyog Shah

Experience is very nice. Rahul Jain sir teaching way is very simple to get understand.

Jayshri Lemte

Best institute and a perfect place to learn basic to advanced stock market course. Teaching way is so nice,good atmosphere and supporting teachers make easy to understand with a practical training. Especially Rahul sir,He is a great guy.

Abhijeet Kale

Teaching way is very nice they clear each n every doubt twice thrice unless it get clears to you. Getting proper revision best place one can grab into

Devendra Jadhav

One of the best class in pune ,Very informative and knowledgeable lectures for students to become professional traders.

Deepali Angre

A perfect place to learn basic to advanced stock market course with a practical training and job opportunities

Kiran Sahani

Good atmosphere and supporting teachers make easy to understand stock market.

Wasim Warne

Rahul Sir is a great guide. Definitely recommended!

Subhash Keskar

Great course for the beginners. The course cover lot of things about taking position in the stock market which includes technical analysis, reading charts, understand meaning of different type of candles and itтАЩs relevance. Very friendly atmosphere in the classroom which helped to get lot of doubt clarified. Got confidence now that I can trade shares independently. Thanks to Shri Rahul Jain sir and Sri Vallabh.. for the valuable guidence provided by them during the course.

Nitin Khatpe

Sri Vallabh ( Rahul Sir) has guided for the share trades from the basic fundamentals. They are sharing all senarios with examples so that it is easier to understand for new learnerтАЩs. This is helpful for stable and regular profits. I learned different levels of analysis so that 40- 50 % profitable strategies. I am independent trader now. Overall my experience is great with Sri Vallabh.

Pankaj Singhani

Best Stock Market classes in Pune.Very good class for basic to advance technical and fundamental.Rahul sir is very knowledgeable.His techniques for stock markets are very simple to learn for new ones like me. Students will get after class support, guidence & suggestions from Rahul Sir. The Support i have got is next level. Thank you so much Rahul Sir.

Sunmiit Singh Chabbda

A great illustration of practical knowledge. They provide in depth knowledge with some easy techniques that can help you achieve your goals . Sir will be available if you need any assistance even after the course is completed.

Siddhant Kurulkar

Learned Charts that are really useful and not much exaggerated. Rahul sir teaches in a very simple way even a 10 fail can understand. Every trade needs a profitable strategy and that exactly was taught. Till now in a month and a half span I have taken around 56 trades out of which i have made profits in above 40 trades. The support you get from Rahul sir is commendable. It's a wonderful learning experience with Rahul sir having a tremendous knowledge in currency, commodity segment and overall Stock Market. This course shall ensure you will be strong in technicals of the said segments and trade independently. My sincere thanks to Rahul sir for showering his knowledge with students.

Ajaj Mahadik

1) I have learned to use the charts by technical analysis from your class.
2)I have learned profitable strategies from your class by knowing Entry and exit plan.
3) i have learned to trade using profitable strategies by 3 type of strategy Short, medium and long term plan.
4) I have already taken trades of different stocks and book profit as well.

Hariharan C

Sri Vallabh Investment is a good place for stock market training for beginners as well as advanced level. Rahul Sir has a very in-depth knowledge and experience in Stock Markets and have been very instrumental in teaching from basics to advanced level. I have been able to do swing trading independently and have been making profits after the training.

Vaishu Bibave

Learn to analyze and take decisions in stock market. Understand what it takes to have a profit booking mindset. what is risk appetite & how to determine and manage it. Why it is significant in the market. Learn to take control of your emotions they are more responsible to take you from high's to low's than market.

Mahendra Dawkhar

The information about the stock market is very well told and I got a lot of information from it.

Keshav Gaikwad

The design was fabulous with simple but ethnic backgrounds and colors. And was a wonder to see it well enough.😁🤘👍

Amey Kelkar

My experience was very good. Before coming here i was only knowing about what is share market but after joining i learnt about it thoroughly and also the strategies that are taught here are very accurate.

Pratik Gadiya

The money & time i invested was worth The strategy which I have learn from the class is very useful in stock market I am so confident that I can independently trade shares The learning experience was very awesome


Very good classes. Learned a lot. Started trading and became a profitable trader from loss making one. Easy teaching method, profitable strategies, and very supportive and motivating staff. Specially rahul sir. Thank you soo much.

Ishan Jadhav

Its very knowledgeable and Motivated Learning I had Learn at this Place. I am now very independent to do my tradings in proper manner. So I Personally thanks to Vallabh Investment for doing such good work. Thank You.

Shreejeet Patil

Amazing experience with excellent knowledge about investment. All my doubts are day by day vanished. And I become enter a new and professional trader and investor be like. Now I'm so positive and confident and comfortable about my investment and trading.

Neha Papal

Best sir with lots of knowlegde and experience to share. Had great time and learnt a lot. I liked how everything was taught practically. Also best class for the beginners.

Ajinkya Patwardhan

1) Yes I have been able to learned the charts.
2) Firstly i have zero knowledge about the trading but within 30 days I have been able to take more than 20 trades.
3) Now i can trade independently.
4) All my doubts and queries were cleared by Rahul jain sir.
5) My time and money invested in this program was totally worth it.. Thank you Rahul jain sir.🙏

Angel Bhopal

My overall experience was quite good, I learned the use of charts ,the explanation given by Rahul sir was very easy to understand with live interaction and teaching us through charts, I understood what to buy,how to buy and when to sell, I have started trading using charts and it helps me to analyse the stocks before investing.I will strongly recommend Sri vallabh investment share training classes to all who are looking for a lucrative business of trading with shares in stock market.

Prasad Pawar

Great course for beginners.Visual representations help us to understand data quickly. 2 Trades only bay. Thanks for Rahul Jain.

Hritik Bhandari

A very genuine class, everything regarding stock market and other fundamental aspect cleared properly in depth

Rohini Patil

Many chart use clearly. 7*stratergies use in tred. Teaching clearly. Now I can trade share independently. Thanks to- Rahul Jain sir and Shrivallabh classes

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