Ans. Share Market Classes that we conduct are a step by step guide to achieve great results in share market. Courses are designed purely in line with the practical application of these to generate real profits.

Ans. Yes, it is very important to go through proper and systematic training since stock market investment carries risk

Ans. Yes, you can join the course because the course is designed for the beginners to advanced level people.

Ans: Anyone and everyone who wants trade and earn extra income or invest and grow their wealth be it students, working professionals, housewives, investors, traders or Business professional also retired people.

Ans. Wealth Note Share Market Classes teaches everything from basics to the advanced courses of stock market. To trade you need to understand technical analysis and to invest you must understand fundamental analysis. Along with this we teach you futures and options where you can make more returns with using lesser capital. Plus, you are also taught about mutual funds, commodities, currencies, initial public offers and some basics of financial planning, trade management and money management.

Ans. We have designed the course so that even a person with zero background in capital market can understand them. But we are still available through mails or phone as a lifetime support. Plus you can also attend the classes again in case you feel you haven’t understood something perfectly.

Ans: We conduct our classes in Bibwewadi. Office Address: Office No 69, 1st Floor, Lighthouse Mall, Bibwewadi Kondhwa Rd, opp. HDFC Bank, Pune - 411037 Call: +91 9881123626, +91 9925771877, +91 9595489678 Email:

Ans: You can visit our office anytime between 9 am to 8 pm.

Ans. Yes we do provide entire course material, PPT, excel sheets and few tools which will help you to trade and invest in future, after completing you training. We also provide life time support.

Ans. Yes there are free demo classes on timely intervals you can attend that after registering your seat.

Ans. Our batch size is small since we focus on ONE TO ONE training for the benefit of students.

Ans. Initially it is not necessary to be a computer & Internet, you can learn things in due course.

Ans: Yes, we will adjust you in different batch and will cover the portion before your regular batch or also will be there to provide you support any point of time.

Ans. Yes, Wealth Note Share Market Classes believes you can do anything better after you learn it from people who have had experience in it. This will help you avoid mistakes others made and your learning time will decrease. Hence increase the positive returns in lesser time. The way we design courses for students, it makes anyone with or without experience, able to understand the market and gain from it.

Ans. Trading or investing in the market is like working in your own business. As you can guess, every business involves some kind of risk. This is why the returns are so high. Stock market safe if you take calculated risks, you will make handsome returns in future. At Wealth Note Share Market Classes we teach you strategies to help you minimise losses and maximise profits.

Ans. To be honest in terms of returns, it is possible earn very good returns than any other investments option available in the market. All this depends on the amount of risk you take, how clearly you have understood the concepts, experience and emotional temperament. But Wealth Note Share Market classes will teach you ways on how to make high returns with reasonable risk.

Ans. You can start with any capital you want. The real point is to understand how to manage risk and rewards first. If you are able to understand this you can generate good profits even from little sums. Wealth Note Share Market classes suggests you to start with which you feel are comfortable.

Ans. Like we said the stock market is a business. You cannot predict it. But you can definitely anticipate the market and act accordingly. By using the simple and concise strategies we teach, you will be able to get an accuracy of seventy to eighty percent. Wealth Note Share Market classes can assure you handsome profits even with an accuracy of forty percent or less by combining the risk management principles we teach.

Ans. Yes, it is very important to go through proper and systematic training since stock market investment carries risk

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